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CFFC Facebook Posts – May 2017 – Part 2

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the second half of May 2017.

05/16/20176 Remarkable Things to Know About People Living With a Chronic Illness

05/17/2017Cystic Fibrosis Around the World: South Africa – First in a series by Gunnar Esiason to learn about CF care in different countries. Conditions described by one individual in South Africa are quite sad.

05/18/2017FDA Approves Ivacaftor for 23 Additional CFTR Mutations – An exciting news release from CFF concerning Ivacaftor.

05/19/2017Cypress-tree Substance Could Help Skirt Faulty Proteins in Cystic Fibrosis – This study opens a new avenue of research to compensate for the CFTR defect in CF.

05/20/20175 Ways to Sustain Your Daily CF Care While Camping – Some good advise with summer vacations just around the corner.

05/21/2017Cystic Fibrosis Around the World: Russia – This installment of Gunnar’s world tour features a country often mentioned in the news.

05/22/2017WTF is a “Spoonie?” – This video not only explains the term “spoonie” but also connects people living with CF the larger community of people dealing with chronic illness.

05/23/2017Personal Spirometers May Help Pediatric CF Patients Improve Treatment Adherence, Study Suggests – There may be some help for those who struggle with maintaining their treatment regimens.

05/24/2017An Atypical Entry Into the Cystic Fibrosis Community – This story shows a limitation of advanced scientific knowledge.

05/25/2017Stress relief tips and exercises – How to relieve stress – While these tips may not work on bigg stressors; however, getting rid of the small stresses will help you feel better.

05/26/2017Scientists turn human induced pluripotent stem cells into lung cells – This approach would allow experiments on human cells rather than animal models.

05/27/20174 facts about food flow – A quick explanation of what goes on in the CF digestive tract.

05/28/2017Cystic Fibrosis Around the World: the Netherlands – Gunnar’s journey moves to the EU.

05/29/2017Taking Care of My Daughter by Taking Care of Me First – Sound advice for CF caregivers; not just in the early years, but throughout life.

05/30/2017Quite the Night – Here’s the report on CFFC’s Education Night event.

05/31/2017Cystic Fibrosis May Interfere With Children’s Sleep, Study Reports – Just what you need: another challenge in raising a child with CF.

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