11/01/2022Orkambi’s Benefits in the Real World Go Beyond Lung Function: Study – It should not come as a surprise that CFTR modulators affect multiple organs but it is good to have research to support our assumptions.

11/02/2022Non-white newborns with cystic fibrosis more likely to be missed in screening – We look to newborn screening to get a head start of treatments; however, some populations will not receive that benefit if mutations common among minority populations are not included in the screening.

11/03/2022Unstoppable in our search for answers: 5 highlights from our Research Impact Report – UK’s Cystic Fibrosis Trust shared some highlights of their analysis of research over the last year.

11/04/2022Transplant Recovery Then and Now – You may know Jerry Cahill from his fitness videos and other CF promotions. He shares his story of two transplants and the differences age can produce.

11/05/2022Airway Clearance Physiotherapy Can Ease CF Respiratory Symptoms – Structured studies can identify better treatment options, but they also demonstrate that what works for the majority may not be the best option for some.

11/06/2022Candice’s Story – Every story is unique, yet there are common threads in all lives coping with CF.

11/07/2022Exploring Treatments for People With Nonsense and Rare Mutations – This blogger’s summary of the first plenary session at the NACFC has two messages. One, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation continues to look for treatments that benefit all regardless of mutation. Two, there is good reason for hope.

11/08/2022The Benefits of Having Dogs to Accompany Me on My CF Journey – Your support network can extend beyond the human species.

11/11/2022The NACFC Recap Is Here – You can now view videos of the three plenary sessions from the 2022 NACFC plus summaries by members of the audience.

11/12/2020Redesigning aminoglycoside antibiotics to prevent hearing loss side effects: a research explainer – Treatments can be a balancing act between benefits and side effects. This research looks to improve the balance in an important group of antibiotics.

11/13/2022Choosing Insurance Coverage – Were now in the open enrollment period for health insurance. This guide from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation can hep you find your way through the insurance maze. There is also a link to Compass if you need additional help.

11/14/2022Tracing tomatoes’ health benefits to gut microbes – Do you like tomatoes? Tomato-rich diets may improve the microbiome which, in turn, has positive health outcomes.

11/15/2022The Key to Building Relationships Is Making Your Requirements Known – Emotional well being is a critical part of life (particularly life with CF) and relationships are important in maintaining emotional well being. This blogger offers some advice in that vein.