CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 10/22

Seven posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 10/22-28/2023.

10/22/2023Learning to Meet the Nutritional Needs of My Baby With CF – Seeking “normal” is a part of raising a chold with CF. This blogger talks about her efforts to find the balance continue breast-feeding while maintaining weight.

10/23/2023Adam’s story: “Kaftrio has been the most significant change of my life” – There’s a common thread in this story with the reminder that Trikafta (Kaftrio) does not fix everything.

10/24/2023Kaftrio, Symkevi may be effective for CF patients with rare mutations – Research is expanding the universe of CFTR mutations that can benefit from CFTR modulator therapy.

10/25/2023A CF Diagnosis at My Age? – Here’s a look at aging with CF from someone aging with CF – but didn’t know she had CF.

10/26/2023“We just want Oliver to know he’s not the only one living with the condition”: Mum Zoe shares Oliver’s story – Yesterday we shared a story of a woman diagnosed in her 60’s. Today’s story is the other end of the spectrum. It’s interesting to note the reference to home visits by the CF nurse.

10/27/2023Order Your Holiday Decor Today – We’ve had a strong response to this year’s holiday décor offer, but we want to deliver more. Click the link to learn the details and fill out an order form.

10/28/2023Goal of new collaboration is novel non-viral gene therapy to treat CF – Gene therapy has been an elusive element of CF treatment. This article describes a new approach to finding a viable delivery system.