CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 4/30

Seven posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 4/30-5/6/2023.

04/30/2023Living with an invisible condition: Matt’s story – Matt’s short answers in this Q&A say a lot; boiling down life with CF to the basics.

05/01/2023Cystic Fibrosis Around the World – Pakistan – Another throw back from a series done by Gunnar Esiason. This interview holds two important messages for the start of CF Awareness Month. First, CF affects all ethnicities. Second, CF care varies widely around the world.

05/02/2023Rare CFTR-active airway cell grown from CF patients – Effective gene therapy remains a goal for CF treatment. This article points to a new direction for research that can be conducted in the lab.

05/03/2023Turning 50 With CF – Age has long been a measure of success in CF but, as this blogger points out, age is a statistic that doesn’t say much about the quality of those years. Fortunately, CF practictioners are seeking a better understanding of, and appropriate care for, aging with CF.

05/04/2023Parenting with a chronic condition: Laura’s story – Laura’s story includes some practical advice for welcoming a baby into your life with CF.

05/05/2023Enduring the nightmare of COVID-19 as a transplant recipient – CF can be scary. Transplants are scary. COVID-19 was a new sort of scary. Put them altogether and….

05/06/2023Refreshing CF research priorities – our next steps – Research is conducted all over the world. This article is an update on the priorities set by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust for research in the UK.