CFFC Facebook Posts Week of 5/8

Six posts were made to the CFFC Facebook page during the week of 5/7-13/2023.

05/07/2023Finding Out I Have CF at 69 – Despite the advances in CF diagnosis, some individuals still slip through the cracks.

05/08/2023Patients able to reduce supportive therapies after starting Trikafta – This study presents to important results. One, the use of Trikafta can lead to the reduction of other medications required for good health in individuals with CF. Two, such reductions need to be approached thoughtfully.

05/10/2023Finding Your Feet: The Campbells – When you find out your baby has CF – We recently posted about a CF diagnosis at age 69. In this story, the parents were aware of their baby’s CF before birth.

05/11/2023Changing Expectations: What Living Longer Means for Care – A look at the advances in CF treatments and the impacts of longer life from the perspective of an adult living with CF who is a research scientist.

05/12/2023Watch the Life You Want Class on Breathwork and Transformation – This video was recommended by CFFC past Kori Tolbert Doherty. She has benefited from the techniques discussed in this video by the presenter, Robert Litman.

05/13/2023Orkambi’s anti-inflammatory benefits seen in a real-world study – This study demonstrates that CFTR modulator therapy has positive impacts beyond the improvement in lung function.