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Success with Therapies Research Topics

CF Foundation Community Voice is conducting a survey to identify research topics to improve the outcomes of CF care. Here’s the text of the announcement:

The CF Foundation recognizes that there are many barriers that can prevent people with CF from fully benefiting from their prescribed therapies. To provide the best support and care, the CF Foundation and healthcare providers need to better understand the challenges faced by people with CF and their caregivers and they want to hear from you! The Success with Therapies Research Consortium (STRC) facilitates the clinical study of interventions to improve adherence to day-to-day therapies and CF disease self-management to optimize health outcomes and quality of life.

We are asking for research ideas from the CF community for the next phase of STRC studies.  These ideas and thoughts will shape future research to help people with CF and their network of support better manage daily life with CF.  We encourage you to be open, honest, and creative with your responses!

Please fill out this short survey to share your ideas and feel free to retake the survey or email if you have additional thoughts!

Building a productive relationship is important to improve care outcomes. Please help CFF in this endeavor by completing the survey at

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