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CFFC Facebook Posts – August 2021 – Part 2

08/16/2021Depression, Anxiety Common Among CF Patients – Another study where the results come as no surprise. During our Education Day webinar, there was an interesting discussion of the unique aspects of treating depression and anxiety in the CF community. You can revisit that discussion at

08/17/2021Back to School in Scotland – Although some of the details relate to the specific conditions in Scotland, the general guidance is universal – and timely. The key is establishing a working relationship with your school.

08/18/2021NICU Advice From a Mom of a Newborn With CF – This story is geared specifically to the NICU experience, the the writers advice is applicable to the man challenging times in life with CF.

08/19/2021This Is Not Alex’s Story, It’s Ours – A good reminder that we need to be careful in applying lessons from one person’s life to another.

08/20/2021The COVID-19 Vaccine Did Not Harm My Fertility – This is the first of two stories dealing with the road to parenthood for men with CF. This blog by Gunnar Esiason addresses the intersection of IVF and COVID-19 vaccination.

08/21/2021Darcy’s Blog: Everything I Did to Improve Our Chances of IVF Success – This is the second of two stories dealing with the road to parenthood for men with CF. This blog by Darcy Esiason provides extensive commentary on a woman’s options for promoting the success of IVF.

08/22/2021Way of Producing High-yield, High-purity RNA May Aid CF Treatment – We previously shared an article on a new approach to gene editing. This article reports on research that may make gene editing less expensive.

08/23/2021Dancing, golfing, and hiking the Ochil hills: one year of Kaftrio – This series of stories give different perspectives on the affect Trikafta (Kaftrio in Europe) has on the quality of life.

08/25/2021Have Fun While Supporting Our Community – There are still a couple of weeks to sign up for the Living with CF Golf Tournament. This article may give you a little motivation to join us.

08/26/2021My Journey to a Second Lung Transplant – This blog conveys the emotional strength needed to deal with the major challenges in life with CF.

08/27/2021The Pandemic Has Shown Us That Accessibility Isn’t Impossible – Let’s hope the lessons we have learned in the last year about what is possible will translate into a more empathetic translation of disability accommodations.

08/28/2021How Cystic Fibrosis Canada Funded Researchers Are Tackling The Problem Of Bacterial Infections In Lungs Of People With CF – Some times, in order to get the right answer, you have to ask the right question. This research identifies variables that impact the effectiveness of Pseudomonas aeruginosa treatments which means more research is required to develop targeting strategies.

08/29/2021 – CF Foundation Launches Lung Transplant Biorepository and Patient Registry – The collection of historical data provides can help focus research.

08/30/2021I Have Been in Clinical Trials and Taken Experimental Medications, the COVID-19 Vaccines are Well Beyond that Point – Gunnar Esiason puts the development of the COVID-19 vaccines in perspective compared to CF clinical trials.

08/31/2021Learning to Walk Alongside Grief – This blog explores the complicated nature of grief experienced by people with chronic illness.

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