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CFFC Facebook Posts – February 2021 – Part 1

02/01/2021My Experience in a COVID-19 Vaccine Trial – The experience of this blogger indicates that people living with CF don’t need to fear the COVID-19 vaccine.

02/02/2021COVID-19 Vaccines Pose Little Risk to Rare Disease Patients, FDA, CDC Say – As a follow up to yesterday’s post, this article presents the science behind the assertion that people living with CF face no greater risk with the COVID vaccine than the general population.

02/03/2021Camaraderie in the CF Community – The greatest comfort comes from those who truly and fully know what you’re going through.

02/04/2021Workshop Opportunity: STRC mHealth Workshop – Mobile technology is one component of eMedicine. CFF is seeking volunteers to help set the direction for development of those technologies. This link will take you to a description of the workshop including an application to participate. [NOTE: Application closed 2/15/2021.]

02/05/2021When’s Our Turn? Waiting to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine – This blog expresses the frustration felt by some in our local CF community still waiting for COVID vaccination, but also notes the challenge of establishing priorities for the limited supply of vaccine. While some people living with CF have been vaccinated, that selection is often based on some criterion other than CF.

02/06/2021Emerging Bacteria Species Shows Antibiotic Resistance, Patient Transmission – COVID isn’t the only new threat facing the CF community.

02/07/2021Opening Up About My CF – This is a story about that point in time when You stop letting CF control you and you take control of CF.

02/08/2021NY allowing residents with underlying health conditions to get COVID vaccine. Here’s the list. – In case you missed this news, people living with CF are now eligible for COVID vaccine in NY. [Unfortunately, access to this link now requires a Democrat & Chronicle account.]

02/09/2021How do antidepressants trigger fear and anxiety? – Depression is an aspect of CF for many in the community. This study explored brain functions that increased fear and anxiety, and correlated these findings to side effects of some antidepressant medications.

02/10/2021Darcy’s Blog: A Feeding Tube Challenge – Did you know it’s National Feeding Tube Awareness Week? Darcy (Gunnar Esiason’s fiance) does, and she’s got some tips – and recipes.

02/11/2021Phage Therapy Clears Resistant Infection in CF Lung Transplant Patient – This article reports on a case study using phage therapy for resistant bacteria. The study not only demonstrates the complexity in finding an effective phage therapy but also reminds us that transplantation does not end the risk of severe bacterial infection.

02/12/2021How to stay active over lockdown – We know that exercise is an important component of CF care, but it it can be difficult during a pandemic; complicated by northeast winter conditions. UK’s Cystic Fibrosis Trust gathered some recommendations from their community.

02/13/2021Pilot Study Uses CRP, Calprotectin to Diagnose Pulmonary Exacerbations – More accurate diagnosis of exacerbations may lead to earlier treatment and, long-term, reduced damage to the lungs.

02/14/2021How a Staircase Taught Me to Take Better Care of My CF – Self awareness can arm you with information that is valuable in collaborating with your care team.

02/15/2021Vitamin D in High Daily Doses Doesn’t Appear to Help – or Do Harm – Do you ever wonder why you take Vitamin D supplements? This study won’t help but suggests that more study is necessary.

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