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CFFC Facebook Posts – November 2020 – Part 1

11/01/2020Topical discussions at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference – This news item from Cystic Fibrosis Trust presents highlights from the NACFC as viewed from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

11/02/2020Advice to New CF Parents From an Adult With CF – Dealing with a child’s CF diagnosis is one of the most difficult things a parent will experience. Comfort can come from others who have survived that experience; in this blog, from a someone who has grown from a child with CF into adulthood.

11/03/2020New Machine Learning Technologies Could Improve Disease Prediction in CF – The promise of advanced data analysis is not merely predictive; it would also allow early, preventative treatments.

11/04/2020Survey Opportunity: Models of Post-Transplant Care Survey – While Trikafta is changing the CF world, lung transplantation is still a significant option. This survey is gathering input on post-transplant care.

11/05/2020Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Community in Crisis: Latest Developments as Wait for Life Changing Drug Continues – We are tuned in to the expanding access to Trikafta in the US. This story from Cystic Fibrosis Canada reminds us that access is not universal.

11/06/2020My Son’s Feeding Therapy Journey – Kids with CF have a lot of challenges, but issues like an eating disorder really add to the stress of parenthood.

11/07/2020FDA Approves Bronchitol Inhalation Powder as Add-on Treatment for Adult CF Patients – Additional help is on the way for those who do not benefit from Trikafta.

11/08/2020UK CF Medical Association’s statement on coronavirus – It is a good practice to look at the issues we are facing at home through the perspective from another country.

11/09/2020Not Letting CF Dictate My Life – This is a common story but it has a perspective that is applicable to the pandemic environment.

11/10/2020Llama nanobodies could be a powerful weapon against COVID-19 – Okay, this isn’t directly related to CF, but COVID-19 is important to everyone. Besides, isn’t it cool to think llamas could be part of the solution to the pandemic?

11/11/2020CF Foundation Provides Funding to enGene Inc. to Develop Gene Delivery Vehicle – CFF is continuing its dedication to find treatments for all CF mutations.

11/12/2020How to Be Better at Making Someone Feel Better – Unfortunately, you can probably identify with the observations shared in this blog.

11/13/2020The pioneers behind the world’s first newborn screening programme for CF – The story behind new-born screening.

11/14/2020Planning for a Future I Never Thought I’d Have With CF – This story is familiar to the generation whose lives have paralleled the advances in CF treatments.

11/15/2020Home Monitoring of Lung Health Possible With NuvoAir System, Studies Report – Home treatment is a goal for many; especially, with the increased risk at hospitals and clinics during the pandemic.

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