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CFFC Facebook Posts – September 2020 – Part 2

09/16/2020Researchers discover a specific brain circuit damaged by social isolation during childhood – While this article is geared toward the isolation associated with the COVID-19 response, you can probably see the connection to the isolation that may be experienced by children with CF.

09/17/2020Vertex to Seek Expanded FDA Approval for Trikafta After Positive Child Safety Data – This development is profound. Imagine mitigating infections before lung tissue is damaged.

09/18/2020My Return to In-Person Clinic Visits – If you have had an in-person clinic visit recently, you can compare your experience. If not, this blog gives you a peek at what to expect.

09/19/2020With CF Clinics Reopening, 10 Tips for a Productive Visit – Unlike yesterday’s post, Gunnar Esiason’s reflection on his first “inside” clinic visit post-pandemic are recommendations that apply to every clinic visit.

09/20/2020Next-gen organoids grow and function like real tissues – Advances in methodology have allowed researchers to grow more realistic organ tissue from stem cells. This, in turn, will produce better models for drug testing – and maybe transplantation.

09/21/2020Have Our Backs and Push Against Ableism With Us – The general population may be unaware that people with “invisible” disabilities are susceptible to discrimination.

09/22/2020Having a Newborn With CF During COVID-19 – While the circumstances are not common (thankfully), the reaction to the CF diagnosis is all to familiar.

09/23/2020Money and budgeting at university – former students share their tips – While some of these recommendations are specific to the UK, these students have some tips you may find helpful – in or out of college.

09/24/2020Moderna, Vertex Team Up to Develop Gene-editing Delivery Techniques – Not only does this research open new options for treating CF, it is also an important step in serving the CF population with mutations that do not benefit from CFTR modulators.

09/25/2020Why I Chose to Go Back to School in Person – In the COVID era, how to approach schooling is a very personal choice. This blogger reminds us that individuals can reach different decision even when applying the same criteria.

09/26/2020 – CF Foundation October Events – The CFF Western New York Chapter has provided information on five events scheduled in October.

09/27/2020Vote Safely in 2020 – Cystic Fibrosis Foundation provides information to help you navigate voting this year.

09/28/2020Community Stories: Mia Gaudenzi – CF as seen through the eyes (optimistic eyes) of a pre-teen.

09/29/2020What to Do When Depression Strikes – This blogger shares her strategy for dealing with depression.

09/30/2020Pain and Symptom Management Survey – CFF is offering an opportunity to provide input toward the development of their Palliative Care: Pain and Symptom Management Guidelines.

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